In a partnership on a mandate basis, we take a strategic approach to the search and evaluation of specialists and management staff. By means of on going in-depth contact with our clients and an extensively defined mandate description, we have at our disposal precise knowledge of the needed profile and of the client’s organization.

We strategically seek out potential candidates and assess them on the basis of the defined criteria. All candidates are systematically examined in respect of the position to be filled in a personal meeting. The findings of this meeting are recorded in an extensive applicant file which contains not only the CV but also a personality profile, the reasons for wanting to change job, a summary of the applicant’s professional history with background information, and our assessment of the applicant’s suitability for the position in question.

In our communications with applicants, we prevent unnecessary time-wasting by informing them extensively and detail about the position and the relevant environment within your enterprise. The individuals presented to the client are excluded from any other positions until the final decision to employ the candidate or not is taken.

This arrangement allows you to fill vacant positions according to schedule and with binding effect.