Contingent searches.

A partnership on a contingent basis involves you informing us about your open positions that you are unable to fill asplanned. You discuss the task, the requirements profile and the position environment in an initial telephone conference with us.
Based on this information, we review the candidates that we have already met and whose suitability we have already determined, and which meet the requirements profile. The candidates are contacted directly about the position to be filled. If the candidate is interested in finding out more about the position and the business, you will receive a detailed applicant file that contains not only the CV but also information on the applicant's personality profile, qualifications and information on their reasons for changing job.
This type of partnership enables you to check directly whether we have active contact with suitable applicants. It provides the potential for rapid and selective contact with potential candidates. A strategic, active search with extensive action is provided when operating on a task basis.
  • Retained basis